Mighty Clean H/D Pot & Pan Detergent (MSDS)

Pot And Pan

This product is very economical to use; as little as 3 oz. to 5 gallons of water will clean more dishes than the competition. It cuts through grease and leaves dishes and silverware sparkling clean. Soiled articles will often soak clean without wiping or scrubbing. High inactive ingredients and mild on the hands. Contact us at Diversified Kitchen Solutions to learn more! Serving Chino, Chino Hills, Ontario, and Pomona, CA.

Product Item Number 435G Ingredient Information: Water (Carrier, CAS# 7732-18-5); Sodium (C14-C16) Olefin Sulfonate (Cleaning Agent, CAS# 68439-46-3); Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid (Cleaning Agent, CAS# 27176-87-0, 7664-93-9); Sodium Hydroxide (Alkali Builder, CAS# 1310-73-2); Sodium Chloride (Viscosity Modifier, CAS# 7647-14-5); Bronopol (Preservative, CAS# 52-51-7); Spice Fragrance (Fragrance, CAS# N/A).


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