Soaking Beats Scrubbing | Takes minutes-saves hours | Works while you sleep | Strong but safe
Cleans every nook and cranny | We will keep your soaking center clean

Soaking Beats Scrubbing

DKS Soaking Center does all the hard work for you. It cleans:
Pots & pans
Kitchen utensils
Stove parts
Oven racks
Rubber floor mats
And much more...
“The best addition to Your Kitchen Staff
That You Can Make.”
Fred Street, President
Diversified Kitchen Solutions

Takes minutes-saves hours

It takes just a few minutes to load the Soaking Center Container
After soaking, simply hand-rinse, or run item through the dishwasher
No scrubbing
No scraping
No elbow grease

Works while you sleep

Most items are soaked clean in less than two hours
Severely carbonized items can be soaked overnight
No matter how tough the job, using the Soaking Center takes only a few minutes
of your time

Strong but safe

DKS Soaking Center includes:
Our Special Soaking Solution, which is formulated to dissolve the
toughest baked on grease
Safe for your employees and facilities
Meets USDA guidelines
A tough polyurethane tank

Cleans every nook and cranny

The solution goes after bacteria causing grease even in places that are
impossible to clean by hand
It cleans inside seams, under handles, and other hard to clean areas
Less work, with better results

We will keep your Soaking Center Clean

Each time your DKS Representative services your Soaking Center he will:
Clean the Soaking Center Container
Replace the Soaking Solution